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Roger Hamilton
explains the test

Why discover your
Evolutionary woman profile?

Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women is the world's leading profiling tool for women entrepreneurs making impact in the world. Find out which of the eight entrepreneur profiles is yours and how it connects your natural entrepreneurial path with your evolutionary journey as a woman leading to an authentic, prospering and impactful business and an empowered, meaningful and wealthy life.

Understand and apply your natural style and superpowers as a woman.

Learn how to sustain healthy foundations in your life and overcome the fears and resistance unique to your profile.

Find out your most fitting evolutionary key to unlock your superpower and make the most meaningful impact.

Get inspired by the right female role models. Oprah followed a different evolutionary journey than Malala Yousafzai or Queen Elizabeth II.

In your personalized report, you will learn how your Entrepreneur profile translates to your evolutionary journey as a woman - discovering your essential superpowers, overcoming your ego fears and transforming your limitations, and stepping into your Soul expression and evolutionary flow.

Join 1000s of women entrepreneurs around the world who are following their entrepreneurial and evolutionary flow with GIFEW and Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women in collaboration with GeniusU, the leading education platform for entrepreneurs.

What do YOU get when you take the
Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary women Test?

A detailed 12 page report on your specific profile as an evolutionary woman.

One month ePowerPack training guide on your profile ($99).

Learning mission on GeniusU with the Flow Factor assessment to grow your flow.

A comprehensive 36 page report on Wealth Dynamics and your
entrepreneur profile.

The evolutionary home for women
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Created for Women

GIFEW (Global Institute For Evolutionary Women) is a transformational education and mentoring organization founded by entrepreneur Bea Benkova in 2012. With a community of 5000+ entrepreneurs, leaders, and activists extending far beyond its London headquarters, including members from 120+ countries across 6 continents. Its noble mission is to transform humanity through the aligned power of evolutionary women, which it tirelessly works to achieve by providing members with multi-dimensional education, engaging leading expert faculty mentors, and a stimulating and supportive environment for transformative learning, evolution, and co-creation.




Speakers and Activist


Years of



Star Profile
Founder of GIFEW
(Global Institute for Evolutionary Women)
Co-Creator of Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women

Bea is a Global Transformation Leader who grew up in communist Czechoslovakia believing she could be anything she wanted to be. She thought she was destined to be the governor of a central bank when in 2006 she woke up to a health crisis in her family and the realisation that the ladder of her life was leaning against the wrong wall. Burnt out and stressed out, she got out of corporate life and embarked on a mission of healing, for herself and the women in her life.

Her transformation coaching practice has been growing prominence and over 14 years Bea personally worked with women CEOs, public figures, politicians, scientists, authors, artists, educators, and professionals, and become established as the go-to transformational coach for women with influential and entrepreneurial women across the UK, Europe, Los Angeles, and New York. Bea founded GIFEW in 2012 to fulfil her mission for all women to fulfil on their missions and transform humanity through the aligned power of evolutionary women.

"I believe it is every woman's birthright to be powerful and feminine, vital and wealthy, and live her life in her natural flow whilst having love, respect and synergy with men."


Star Profile
Director of Evolutionary Programs and Impact at GIFEW
Co-Creator of Wealth Dynamics for Evolutionary Women

Jan is a pioneer of a new business paradigm and purpose-centered enterprise with 20+ years of extensive experience as a business consultant, mentor and coach of executives and entrepreneurs around the globe.

He helps entrepreneurs and mission-driven business owners striving to bring profitability and purpose together and seek a more meaningful way to prosper. When they work with Jan, they elevate themselves and their teams to play a more purposeful game and discover pathways to a limitless future for their growth and impact.

He is an ambassador of hope, love, and joy...and his commitment is to empower, lead, and support entrepreneurs and businesses to evolve, thrive, and be a force for good.

Having been involved with Wealth and Talent Dynamics as a Partner, Master Practitioner and Master Trainer since 2007, Jan co-created and facilitated Wealth Dynamics Flow and Performance Consultant certification programs from their inception successfully applying the approach and tools with various businesses.

In GIFEW, Jan is the director of evolutionary programs and impact making sure that women can integrate their entrepreneurial and evolutionary journeys as well as reclaim their superpower to make a meaningful impact in the world.

"In their healthy form, business and entrepreneurship are a potent way of human expression, evolution, contribution and effective form of collectively doing good."

Which Of The Eight
Evolutionary Women Profiles Are You?



Are you a Mechanic like Kate Raworth? Challenging existing models and perfecting a system for others to use?



Are you a Creator like Barbara Marx Hubbard? Visionary and creative leaving details to others?



Are you a Star like Oprah Winfrey? Growing a brand to shine brightly on others?



Are you a Lord like Catherine MacGregor? Attending to detail and striving for efficiency?



Are you a Supporter like Jacinda Ardern? Leading from the front where people come first?



Are you an Accumulator like Queen Elizabeth II? Steady, consistent and dependable?



Are you a Trader like Malala Yousafzai? Dedicated to fairness and service in practical ways?



Are you a Deal maker like Scilla Elworthy? Bringing people and worlds together in peace?









What will your profile be?

Why take the Test?

Created by Roger James Hamilton, Wealth Dynamics (and it’s sister tests, Talent Dynamics and the Genius Test) has been used by over 500,000 entrepreneurs around the world.

Why does Wealth Dynamics work so well for entrepreneurs?

There are similar elements within Wealth Dynamics and popular psychometric tests, as they all have a common modern origin in Carl Jung’s work on archetypes. But Wealth Dynamics is different in that it provides an intuitive structure, practical strategies, modern role models and a link back to the roots of profiling 5,000 years ago.

Most job-seekers have been through the experience of taking personality tests of one kind or another. Wealth Dynamics is unique compared to other profile tests in the following five ways:

Tailored to entrepreneurs
Wealth Dynamics doesn’t put you in a box, but highlights a formula and path specifically for entrepreneurs, with role models to follow.

Synchronized to time
In fast changing times, Wealth Dynamics is the only personality entreprenuer test which shows you how your strengths link to the cycle of time.

Intuitive and easy to follow
While many personality tests for entreprenuers are not easy to explain to others, once you know the eight profiles and how they link to the way we create value and leverage it, it’s easy to explain and apply to others.

Linked to your flow
You can use Wealth Dynamics immediately to directly grow your flow, and use the GeniusU mission to measure your flow. Linked.

Linked to your entrepreneurial spirit
Through its link to the I Ching and the five chinese elements, Wealth Dynamics links to the fifth element - spirit, your purpose, and the question ‘why’.

Wealth Dynamics Success Stories

Click on any of these entrepreneurs to read their success stories:

Nina Fjeldhaug
Creator Profile

When I realized I am a Creator profile all my started and unfinished projects made so much sense. Also why I do things once, get proofs of concepts, however not using them over making sure it is spread wider. I just start something new and change constantly. I ...

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Cathy Sheppard
Star Profile
BSI People Skills

I'm Cathy Sheppard from BSI People Skills and I love Wealth Dynamics as an entrepreneur. I really enjoyed…

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Karina Murray
Star Profile
Founder/CEO of AUNUA Global

I'm the founder/CEO of AUNUA Global based, social impact enterprise based in Ireland. I'm on a mission to collaborate and grow....

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Tosin Arowojolu
Trader Profile
Leadership Excel Consultancy

There it is again! I kept seeing this ad pop up while I scrolled into the time-space of Facebook - Wealth Dynamics. Sounds interesting, I thought. I did not immediately take action and you know what that means...

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What Are Your Evolutionary Superpowers

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Nina Fjeldhaug
Creator Profile

When I realized I am a Creator profile all my started and unfinished projects made so much sense. Also why I do things once , get proofs of concepts, however not using them over making sure it is spread wider. I just start something new and change constantly. I understood I really have to build a team that supports my vision and can deliver and be in flow in areas I am not so great. So have now started a journey of building a team of Flow consultants in Norway who can deliver transformational programs together. Truly grateful and happy to bring this amazing framework to leaders, entrepreneurs and teams in Norway and globally.

Ronny Kvist
Star Profile
Forever Health Academy

I had been self-employed for about 25 years when I took the wealth dynamics test. I am an exercise physiologist that had zero knowledge when it came to entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing, sales and everything else that comes with being an entrepreneur. Since I have always done most of the business all by myself, I have been a little ashamed that I am not good at, or interested, in some parts of the business. After I did the Wealth Dynamics test I suddenly realized why I am the way I am and why I should focus on my strengths, and get someone else to take care of the stuff I am not good at or really hate to do.

This gave me a totally different focus and I started to understand, and find out, how to get in flow in my business. I now feel more joy and clear in the business than ever before, which also helps me understand what to focus on and when.

Cathy Sheppard
Star Profile
BSI People Skills

I'm Cathy Sheppard from BSI People Skills and I love Wealth Dynamics as an entrepreneur.

I really enjoyed taking the test in the first place to find out more about who I am and how I work best as I work to grow my business. But the more I've used it and really understood the depth of it, the easier it has got to really step into my strengths, building my business around who I am as a STAR profile, and finding those people that I need to collaborate with to stay in my flow. When I'm in my flow, things work so much more easily!

Being able to use the Wealth Dynamics square to look for who I am, who I need in my team, and what skills I need to source from outside, has been the first part of how I used the tools.

But over time, what I have found is that the whole square is useful in growing each aspect of the business over time. It describes the cycles we need to go through as we grow - identifying new products, raving about them so people know about them, finding the customers, closing the deals, strengthening the customer journey, mapping out what needs to be done, analysing what's working and what needs to change, then automating as much as possible to make it easier. This insight has been incredibly useful as I've added more products to what we do - less is more, sort something out properly and embed it before finding the next shiny squirrel (which may or may not have rabies). This is where looking to different team members for their strengths in particular areas comes in too.

In this thinking, I have Roger's voice in my head too - sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up! Making sure each step is covered helps this, especially knowing I don't have to do every step myself! I can be me, using my STAR profile to build connections and showcase others from a genuine space, then seeing the results of that flow into my own business through the relationships I've built. The people I connect with to work with are those with similar values, wanting to make a difference in the world!

Karina Murray
Star Profile
Founder/CEO of AUNUA Global

I'm the founder/CEO of AUNUA Global based, social impact enterprise based in Ireland. I'm on a mission to collaborate and grow with others that are aligned with what's possible.

I was one of the founders of the Genius school which helped change my world and knowing my genius kept me focused on my flow and pathway to where I am now. Having a better understanding of my strengths helped to understand the people I needed in my team so it was so important for me.

Esmeralda Hererra
Supporter Profile

I am Supporter.

Knowing this had a huge impact on my life and my business.

I realized that I was not using my potential and somtimes I was taking what was easy for me too far, affecting myself, those around me or my business.

By knowing WDP deeply, and integrating it, I learned what to do to find a natural path.


+ I have a great curiosity and love to meet and interact with people from all cultures (innate in me).

This perfected makes it easier for me to establish relationships at all levels that benefit both parties.

- But I can get lost in the intensity of what I do, open myself up to too many people, projects or activities.

I incorporated daily rituals that balance that intensity: yoga, tapping, sauna and writing, intense sport that gets me out of my mind (spinning).

Discipline really sets me free.


+ I really like helping those I love, I focus on their health, their concerns, their aspirations.

- Very "dependent on external love", wanting to please and too concerned about the health and well-being of those I love.

Focusing on other people's problems, without them asking me for help, was extremely exhausting for them and for me. I thought I had to help them heal, grow and be a better version of themselves (my purpose) but even when they didn't ask me for help.

Realizing it, I chose to connect with the love of a higher energy and my spirit, more than searching for love outside.

I learned that although I love to help in different ways (in business, in health, with resources) I have to do it when I am asked or if it is an emergency. So people bring out their own inner resources and don't get tired of me.

I started doing another thing that Supporters do very well, enjoying life with the ones I love. This brought me to a new level of energy and a better quality of relationships.


+ My great curiosity leads me to love books, courses, programs.

- I love shiny objects. I found myself taking all the amazing new courses, programs and books that were offered to me losing focus and always improving and adding new features to my projects, products and services and never doing a thing in a great way.

Now I focus on a purpose; one strategy and we establish an annual plan aligned with the strategy. I look for allies with complementary talents and what we do we repeat to improve it. I found the right talent and systems and we are creating a flow, rhythm and business structure.

Planning and structure are not natural to me so I started to create it in my daily life (routines and focus) and in business with mentors, clear rhythm of meetings, partners and Steel and Dynamo team. Having allies, looking for synergies, contributing to a common purpose is easy for me.

When my team took the test they also started to see what they are good at, even if they thought they didn't have the skills. A Lord began to understand cash flow, finance and accounting, he practiced it and became very good at it.

I now teach the Wealth Dynamic Profile to all the entrepreneurs and people I advise.

Tosin Arowojolu
Trader Profile
Leadership Excel Consultancy

There it is again!

I kept seeing this ad pop up while I scrolled into the time-space of Facebook - Wealth Dynamics.

Sounds interesting, I thought.

I did not immediately take action and you know what that means, it kept following me around on Facebook. Oh, it’s that guy - Roger Hamilton - again!

The more I saw it, the more I found it interesting, and intriguing. It was definitely raising my curiosity.

I have always loved quizzes and have taken so many over the years, I lost count.

I related with one in particular and became a DISC consultant.

When my husband and I took the DISC assessment, we both ended up with the same profile - Supporter/Driver. It helped me understand how both of us got on so well and usually, not always, see things from a similar perspective.

I was introduced to Wealth Dynamics in 2021 and finally took the assessment, (no more following me around). As I read through my report as a Trader, it was like taking off a layer of me to reveal more of what was inside of me. A trader, time-bound - tick, introvert/extrovert - tick, see things others miss - tick and so much more. What I also liked, is that it helped me see my weaknesses such as taking on too much - tick, slow to change - tick.

As I’m reading through, it all makes sense to me, I guard my time preciously and I’m always on time. Also, when I am in a social setting, especially, it may seem that I am an extrovert as I am very comfortable walking up to strangers, introducing myself, and making a friend but there are times when I value my solitude.

Armed with this information and its application of it to my life, I encouraged my husband, Andrew to do the assessment. Whenever I see the value and can relate to how I can utilize it to impact others, I go full speed so I became a Flow Consultant.

Andrew was the first person I debriefed. Well, we had the same DISC profile so I expected we would have the same in WD profile. Alas, we are opposites! He is a Creator and could totally relate to his report, head in the clouds, absolutely TICK!

While we have a lot in common, I have a better understanding after reading his report, of why I’m usually the first one to be ready when we are going out and also why he thinks we can finish 15 different things in one hour, while I tell him - honey, that is not going to be possible.

Wealth Dynamics has helped us have a better understanding of ourselves as a couple and be better at appreciating and accepting our strengths and weakness so that we don’t have to fight over those differences. It’s truly an eye-opener!

I am happy to be able to share this tool with others and have done so with great reviews. I am excited to continue sharing how this can impact the way we see ourselves and others.


I happened to be in the water, and I asked to come out and serve me there! There have also been sad times, regretful times, and obviously stressful times. It came from playing a Trader profile game, when I was a Supporter profile, with a Supporter profile husband. As it turns out ?loosing everything? (which was actually gaining clarity) and having to do things such as eat lentils to bulk out food, was the best thing that ever happened to us. It made us appreciate what we did have. We were still married, we were healthy, we lived in a safe and clean country and had a beautiful little girl who was happy and healthy. Those things are hard to change if they go wrong. I would rather money problems than health problems any day.

Getting an understanding of financial planning was critical. Attending the Wealth Dynamics Boardroom Club helped me turn around a cash flow of -$8000 per month in 2008 to positive cashflow of +$3000 per month in 2011. 25% of our income is now positive cashflow. The two key people in my boardroom club were Sheryl Glasse and Kenina Court, and we met for 3 years. In 2009, It drove me back to my life career as Instructional Designer, Learning Consultant and Trainer, where I have gone on to build a well known reputation in New Zealand in this industry. This bought me income that would put me in the top 1% of earners in the country. It allowed me to shine in field. It was however exchanging time for money, and I was working out of the city of my family weekly and was getting tired. The other 2 pieces of advise I took from Wealth dynamics was ?wealth = value times leverage? and ?Supporters should find a Creator to support?. I had a huge network of people doing what I was doing, from all the contract project work I had been doing. So I asked my self, ?how can I leverage what I am doing? and ?who could I approach to help them create more cash flow in their already successful business?. It turns out recruitment companies was where I was headed. (Just like the book ?Your Life, Your Legacy? suggested and I had always resisted!) Before Wealth Dynamics I would have run off to try and set one up, slowing the process and probably failing as there was little capital or knowledge for set up on my own.

So I am happy to say, the first recruitment company on my list, did their due diligence, and we are now business partners. Them money, me with time. We are set up and ready to launch when I get back from our 3 month Bali trip in July. He is a very clever entrepreneur, and I am learning so much from him. Timing was also crucial. He made a comment to me that if I had approached him a year earlier, the timing wouldn?t have been right. I had a handful of friends also lost everything. Those who don?t understand Wealth Dynamics, just can?t seem to move on, and are stuck, sad and broke. It was the XL members and ones who understood Wealth Dynamics, who are back on track and making things happen again. That?s because there is true magic and power in the knowledge of Wealth Dynamics?..if you choose to apply it.


Imagine..Possibility?Reality Story by Treska Botha The Wealth Dynamics kaleidoscope has rolled my life upside down. My personality and life has slotted into the colourful dimensions? and liberation and empowerment has catapulted my lifelong dreams into possible reality! I studied/trained to be a nurse ? just to seal my calling into which I was born. I realised all my life there were parts of my personality that were in flow and that caused tsunami?s of action and others where everybody seemed to misinterpret what I was doing and saying. When I completed the Wealth Dynamics Personality Profile of Roger James Hamilton, my work and life reeled past me in a colourful movie and I knew for sure why things were and what I needed to do next.

My heart burns with compassion for sick people and when I bend down to listen, comfort, wash or bind up, I know I am in a moment of eternity, because all the stars and waves are in rhythm and time and schedules stand still? I am so completely fulfilled, it feels as if my heart flows out to my patient enveloping their hearts and my hands touching them bring comfort and relief that will change them forever. I see when they look into my eyes, they are comforted and trust me. In 2000 I was asked to establish a viable non-profit organization for People with Multiple Sclerosis in the Western Cape. My training and education helped me a lot, but my intuition and passion compelled me to surround myself with experts who helped me towards creating a heart-throbbing society that brought hope and help to those who had lost all hope.

A group of people with a frightening disease shrouded in mysteries and clouded with controversies and heart ache leaving my patients alone and afraid in a void of denial and misconduct.. ( I learnt over the years how painful it was to fight archaic ideology, sluggish research, hostile governmental bias and above all the heartbreak but reality of the eternal lack of money that I realized even denied some of our patients to keep on living?) There was earth shattering creation of systems, databases, office space, networks of medical and paramedical practitioners, pioneering multi-disciplinary treatment for Persons with MS, fundraisers and ambassadors. But sadly the enormous geographical area, the massive workload, lethargic help and lack of finances took their toll and I became a statistic of burnout. And so the society and my dreams. I am eternally grateful to Roger for not only this course, but for his personal skype sessions with us, (Kevin and Tamsine and our group) his warmth and humour and brilliance that has brought me a deep sense of worth and belonging and given me the tools and efficiency to position myself again to get back and accomplish what I set out to do..

As I look back I recognise my strengths and weaknesses, I have learnt so much through our course that I am confidant and empowered; not undervalued, underestimated and timid anymore. Rogers? sharing of how he started out, his dream of a place of rest and healing resounds wholly with my dreams and visions for a place of rest and caring for my patients and their carers. (A week before Roger spoke of the tree and the branches and the roots, our logo and slogan had come from the printers and I had it in the group, to show them? it was our tree with it?s roots that are our Spiritual anchorage, the strong and dimensional trunk which is us standing tall for our fellow-man, the branches depict our network of precious people, the leaves symbolize the canopy that will provide shade, rest and peace in our haven and the fruit is the yield of our business that will encourage and provide for those in need.

Our slogan, Business without Boundaries, symbolizes growth and development in all our areas ie. W.H.E.R.E. ?. Coincidence??…. no? ) I am mainly a Star and also strongly a Creator. We have been building our Network business for a bit more than 2 years and we are holding our first meeting on Tuesday, 24 April 2012 to launch the first steps to our long imagined dream. It has begun??. ? watch this space?..